Welcome to our website! We are a father-daughter singing duo based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

While we’ve been singing together for quite a while, we shot to internet fame in 2020 after videos of us singing The Prayer & Time To Say Goodbye went viral, leading to us being mistaken for the son & granddaughter of Andrea Bocelli.

We released our debut album, Just Duet (you can buy it here), in October 2021 with the support of our fans and friends from around the world. 

In 2022 we are touring South Africa with our brand new show, Accidentally Viral. The show features all our fan favourites, including The Prayer, Time To Say Goodbye and You Are the Reason, along with some of the original music from our album, and tells the story of some of the weird, wonderful 
and amazing things that have happened on our journey so far. We have been blessed to have sold out shows at both The Redhill Arts Festival and The Hilton Arts Festival.

In 2023 we are planning to tour the UK with Accidentally Viral and visit some of our fans, friends and family. To that end we are raising funds by selling some extra-special merchandise and limited edition music through our shop which you can find here.

Adrian Galliard

I’m the dad – also known as Emma-Jean’s backing singer. I was fortunate enough to study drama at The University of the Witwatersrand, and singing with the renowned, but rather intimidating, Sarie Lamprecht.

After studying I appeared in a number of productions including Annie, Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat and A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum. 

Emma-Jean and I collaborate on all aspects of our music – except the technological side which I leave up to Emma-Jean and her mom.

My hobbies include mountain biking, football (or soccer to the  Americans) and I play a mean game of touch rugby with my son, Christopher every Thursday night.

Emma-Jean Galliard 

I started singing before I could talk according to my Gogo (that’s my granny for non-South Africans).

I grew up watching my dad perform at various functions and soon joined him on the stage. When Covid hit, we were stuck at home with nothing much to do so I persuaded my dad to make some videos with me.

When I’m not singing, I enjoy dancing, platform diving or running with my cousin, Steve. I’m also a keen poet, song-writer and photographer – you can see some of my work in my photobook, Emma’s Memories, on our Rocket Fuel store.


The Rest of The Family

Everyone always asks about the rest of our family…

My mom, Kirsty, manages us, takes our bookings, updates the website, makes our videos and does most of the work behind the scenes. When she’s not working behind the scenes, you will find her with her nose in a book or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. 

My brother, Christopher, sometimes helps my mom. He is our biggest fan and is great at selling our CDs and merch at various events.

Chris is super clever and loves math, science and computer programming when he’s not out for a run or playing touch rugby with my dad! 

Our furry friends include my dogs, Rascal & Bruiser and my mom’s African Grey, Gulu and our cat, Snoops.

Back-stage at The Hilton Festival