Adrian & Emma-Jean Galliard are a father-daughter singing duo based in Johannesburg, South Africa. While they've been singing professionally for quite a while, they recently rose to internet fame after videos of them singing The Prayer & Time To Say Goodbye went viral, leading to them being mistaken for the son & granddaughter of Andrea Boccelli.

They continue to entertain fans across South Africa & the world with live and virtual concerts comprising of well-known classical and pop music covers and are workings towards releasing an album towards the end of  2021.


How the prayer led to a music career 

After South Africa was placed into lockdown, Emma-Jean and Adrian decided to record a version of The Prayer to send to family and friends they would not be able to see on Easter Sunday. The video of The Prayer was uploaded to Facebook just before lunch, and by the end of the day it had 17 000 views. A few days later it was picked up by UK website, The Music Man and it quickly climbed to 6 million views. Adrian & Emma-Jean Music, and we quickly scrambled to set up a Facebook page YouTube Channel in order to continue our music journey.

We are so grateful to all the people who have supported us in our journey so far.  


Adrian Galliard

 Adrian is a classically trained singer & songwriter, having studied drama at The University of the Witwatersrand and singing with renowned vocal coach, Sarie Lamprecht.  He has also appeared in a number of professional musical theatre productions, including Annie, Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat and A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum.   

Together with 11-year-old Emma-Jean, Adrian achieved internet Fame after a video of the duo singing The Prayer went viral.  In mid-2020 their rendition of the Andrea Bocelli / Sarah Brightman classic went viral on a Columbian Facebook page Prensa Ginebra, which falsely claimed that Adrian & Emma-Jean were the son & grand-daughter of Andrea Bocelli.  Before the pair could refute the allegations, the video had had 15 million views.  

Adrian continues to be the musical director & arranger of the duo while refusing point-blank to engage with any of the recording technology, which he leaves up to Emma-Jean and her mother.  Head on over to the show page to book for their upcoming performances.

Emma-Jean Galliard 

 11-year-old Emma-Jean, is a talented singer, ballerina & actress.   Emma-Jean’s achievements include participating in the prestigious Val Whyte Gala Ballet in 2019 and appearing in a number of TV commercials as well as a TV show about talented kids.  Emma has always loved music, and even as a baby would hum or sing along to any music she heard.  Along with her dad, big brother, uncle and cousins she often sings in church and at family gatherings.  

Together with her dad, Adrian, Emma-Jean achieved internet fame after videos of her singing a variety of songs including The Prayer & Time to Say Goodbye went viral.  Emma-Jean often gets complimented on her flawless Italian, a factor which may have contributed to the pair being mistaken for the son & grand-daughter of Andrea Bocelli. 

Emma continues to take care of the technical aspects of the musical partnership in between her ballet, diving and volunteering commitments.  To check out some of her recordings, head on over to the shop.