News Update

Hilton Festival 

Last week my dad and I had the great honor of performing at the Hilton Arts Festival at Hilton
College, and I have to say, I think it might have been my favorite experience so far. I really enjoyed
the beautiful venue we had sung in and exquisite sound we were provided with. We had three
performances in total and every performance we had great audiences that were so appreciative.
The festival itself was an absolute blast, and we all had a really great time checking out all the artisan
stalls and grabbing cold iced coffees along the way. We went to see a brilliant show called “Firefly” in
the main theatre before our show and I was astonished by all the physical theatre acting and dancing
and was truly inspired throughout the entire show.
One of the highlights of the festival was observing the stunning sculptures made from old scrap metal
that had been combined to create beautiful animals, and dancing to the fun Irish music while drinking
an Appletiser after our show.
What made everything even better is that my entire family had come to watch our show and were our
biggest supporters, we also got to stay with some of our lovely family members who hosted a big
family braai at their house, and it was so fun to catch up with everyone. After our last show on
Sunday, I saw my cousins from the Drakensberg and really enjoyed spending time with them while
eating Chip ‘n Dip twisters.
Hilton is certainly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and I do hope we can perform at
the festival next year again. The festival was bursting with happiness and brought so many people
together, it was so heart-warming to see so many people coming to support the arts, especially after
the rough last few years of COVID. We were truly blessed to be a part of this lovely festival.