Striking a Chord @ Redfest

(SAST, UTC+02) (SAST, UTC+02)

Redhill School, 20 Summit Rd, Morningside, Sandton Johannesburg

"Striking a Chord," an enchanting revue by father-daughter duo Adrian and Emma-Jean, takes audiences on a riveting musical journey. This Johannesburg-based duo skilfully blend light classical, musical theatre, and pop, using their music to foster global connections. With an engaging mix of familiar hits like "The Prayer," "Sound of Silence," and "Time to Say Goodbye," alongside new compositions, the performance deeply resonates with its audience.

The show deftly navigates through the duo's relationship and experiences, providing personal insights that intertwine with their musical repertoire. Elements of humour and introspection from their acclaimed show "Accidentally Viral" continue in this performance, combining for a memorable experience that transcends age barriers. Running for 70 captivating minutes without an interval, the show keeps audiences enthralled from beginning to end.

Written & directed by Kirsty Galliard, with Neil Bennet's exceptional musical arrangements, "Striking a Chord" offers an evening of mesmerising music, humour, and introspection. The harmonious father-daughter synergy is undeniable as they share their passion for music. Secure your tickets now for this extraordinary celebration of music and human connection.